The Halberts Take Manhattan

A week ago, Sam and I visited New York City, which was very exciting. Even though we only had two full days to run around NYC, we did our best to make the most of it. Kayla, our buddy who lives in Manhattan, was a big help in planning our time and in keeping us company.

We arrived at LaGuardia airport to find cold and rainy weather, which is perfect nap weather. The best thing to do on your first vacation without a baby is to take a nap immediately. This weather was perfect. I was so excited. We cabbed it from the airport to our hotel, the Sheraton!

[Before I get too into the trip, I want to say a little bit about New Yorkers. The stereotype of the rude, loud, New Yorker did not match our experience on this trip, or my own experience in NYC a decade ago. People may be a little more impatient in NYC because of the speed of the city. For example, the response that you get from asking a question the first time in NYC is like the response you would get after asking it three times in a row in the south. Maybe rough around the edges, but helpful and direct. People were generally amiable and helpful. Also, they were very cool. Everyone dresses cool in NYC. Look down at whatever you are wearing right now. Just shake your head and roll your eyes at yourself, because you look like such a dork compared to literally everyone in NYC. Sam observed that the coolest person from everyone’s high school moved to NYC. Seems about right.]

The Sheraton is right around 52nd Street and 7th Ave, so we were very close to Broadway theaters (theatres?), Central Park, and Times Square. Our room was on the 43rd floor, so we had a nice view of the big Times Square screens, Rockefeller Center, and even Radio City Music Hall! We grabbed a quick lunch at Cafe Duke down the street. It is kind of like a mall food court plus convenience store rolled into one. Sam got a fancy turkey sandwich and I got shrimp tempura udon. Then, we took naps! Glorious, quiet, undisturbed naps.

That night, Kayla met up with us and we cabbed it over to Dylan’s Candy Bar for snacks and Serendipity for dinner. If you have seen the movie Serendipity, then you have seen the restaurant Serendipity. I would describe it as quirky comfort food, which is perfect for cold and rainy nights. The food and service were fun, and the dessert called The Forbidden Broadway merits a photo (which I didn’t take but linked): 

Dylan’s Candy Bar also merits a photo for being so colorful and fun. Samantha mentioned that her thoughts always look like the interior of Dylan’s Candy Bar, and I believe her!

The next day we slept in, walked around, and ran into a member of the Brat Pack that I will not name because he lives there with his family and it seems rude to mention where they live. We also went to see A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, which is a very funny, Tony award-winning musical. After that, we headed down the street to Lillie’s bar, which was very cool looking on the inside.

All of the bartenders were very exotic and cool, but we were even cooler than them: A Chick Fil A had just opened in NYC and one of the bartenders waited half an hour just try try it. We have Chick Fil A all the time! Point, Halberts.

I had been sick for a few days by this point, so we called it a night to rest up for the next day, which would be full.

We got an early start on the day at Pret A Manger, which was a big sandwich place in the UK when I was studying abroad and is in the U.S. now. Sadly, the service was completely awful so that retroactively ruined my entire Oxford experience. Just kidding! Pret was pretty bad, though.

We jumped on the Subway (Sam’s actual reaction):

and headed to the Natural History Museum! It was very easy to spend three hours wandering the 40+ halls. My favorite was the Rose Center for Earth and Space. I love space! We’re all floating in space right now, if you think about it.

Next, we headed to the Union Park area to see a play called 39 Steps, which is kind of a Hitchcockian comedy. If you like Alfred Hitchcock and/or noir, you would enjoy this play. The set work in particular was very creative and fun.

We walked around in Central Park for awhile. We did not see Phoebe Buffay running around like a nut, which broke my heart a little bit.

For dinner, we ate at The Flatiron Room, which is a whiskey and jazz bar. It is the place that I was made to be. Behold!

For my cocktail, I chose the Lovely Kioto. It was made with Iwai Japanese whisky, plum tea, and lychee juice. Very good.

We slept in and cabbed it back to the airport. As much fun as we had in NYC, it’s always nice to be home!


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