Birthday Presents

Earlier this week, I celebrated my thirty-first birthday. It was a good one. It wasn’t the flashy kind of good. It was more like the spreading warmth in your chest from a hot drink on a cold day good.

This morning, after finishing a presentation at a job that I enjoy, I was thinking about how blessed I am, and how many presents God has given me. My plan is to live a very long life, as in, I will live in a sky apartment like the Jetsons. But if I were to be taken home today, I would’ve already had a lifetime’s fill of adventure at thirty-one.

In no particular order, I have:

  • Traveled all over three continents and more than a dozen countries.
  • Graduated from high school, college, grad school, law school.
  • Passed a bar exam.
  • Seen the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night.
  • Seen the sun rise over the ocean in the morning.
  • Jumped out of a plane.
  • Rafted the Nile River.
  • Eaten a crepe in Paris.
  • Saw a play in Shakespeare’s Globe.
  • Met my dream girl.
  • Planted a kiss on my dream girl.
  • Married my dream girl!
  • Knocked up my dream girl!
  • Grown a circle of close friends I’ve had for more than a decade.
  • Worked as a legislative staffer.
  • Been to the top of the Texas Capitol dome.
  • Written human rights briefs for the highest court of a country.
  • Taught classes for my favorite university.
  • Moonwalked!
  • Grilled a steak.
  • Completed a triathlon.
  • Known God.
  • Through God’s grace, transitioned from a state of anxiety to a state of peace and contentment.
  • Through God’s grace, escaped from an island of isolation into becoming a member of a family.
  • To Be Determined

I feel humbled, loved, and lucky. Everything feels like icing on my birthday cake. Except that I didn’t have a birthday cake, I had birthday chocolate chip cookies stuffed with Oreos.

  • Ate chocolate chip cookies stuffed with Oreos.

Anyway, this is a love letter to God, to you. Thanks for the birthday presents. There’s only way to describe them:



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