An Open Letter of Apology to the Booth

Dear Corner Booth,

Tuesday is my day to sit and chat with you, and I haven’t been here in a week of Tuesdays. I’m sorry. I really miss how we used to have milkshakes and critique movie critics together, or talk about alcohol or bromances or favorite things.

These are the kinds of conversations that give me hope. See, Booth, we’re in election season out there, and I’m a little hot and bothered about it. I think there are so many people who are ignorant or ill-informed or irritating and I want to tell them what’s up, because another loudmouth’s opinion always helps, you know.

But today I was scrolling through our old conversations and I realized that sometimes a discussion about compassion or work or mowing the lawn or watching a movie is even more important than a political one. Because we make our political decisions based on our core values, the things we care about, think about, write about, work through, cry over.

And I’ve neglected that lately because I forgot that working is worship, that friendship is worth more than being right, and that giving people pieces of ourselves is true love.

So… Booth…. I’ve got a cup of truly strong diner-like coffee and a hankering for your opinions. What would you like to chat about this week?

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I love: Kayaking, sunsets, Hudson jeans, horses, long car rides, grammatically correct e-mails, Heineken, good cigars, quad-shot lattes, engaging story-tellers, Diet Coke, sunflowers, the color green, mountain mornings and long walks.

2 thoughts on “An Open Letter of Apology to the Booth

  1. Here’s my topic to chat about this week…Google Hangouts. Do you use them, why or why not?

    Here’s the thought: take the fun of a podcast but add the interaction of a forum. Instead of just having static blog posts where people can post comments, you can have a 20 minute hangout one evening each week with all your favorite people. Have a moderator and a basic theme/conversation topic to keep people on point and get real time dialogue. Plus then you can post them so folks who weren’t able to join can still follow-up on the conversation.

    Bonus: I’d feel like I knew all the Boothers better instead of being that random friend of Nathan and Joey’s who didn’t go to Oxford but still feels the need to comment a lot. 🙂

    I really want to give this a shot at some point. Feel free to call me crazy. Maybe.

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