TV Recommendation

Do you know what you should be watching? Doctor Who, that’s what.

The wife and I have been power-streaming through the most recent set of seasons in the Doctor Who universe. This show is well worth your time. It’s great sci-fi at it’s most fun. With so much travel across time and the universe, it would be easy for a show to get bogged down, convoluted, and downright incomprehensible (I’m looking at you, Heroes!). But Doctor Who is just so dang fun throughout. It balances a diversity of moods and tones that drift off into genres such as melodrama, horror, suspense, and epic action. The stories and characters have real depth, but the show never takes itself too seriously. Every episode feels like it’s own mini-movie and I’m constantly surprised that so much great story and character development gets packed into a single 40ish minute episode.

You may be a bit confused depending on what you’ve heard about the cast changes throughout the series, but just start watching and it will all make sense. The doctors’ regenerations form plot fodder for overarching story arcs, but the true brilliance is that it allows the show to itself turnover the cast multiple times while retaining the same general spirit of sci-fi fun and adventure. It’s a self-sustaining universe in that way, and I think many shows could benefit from this approach.

That’s my mini-review of one of the greatest TV series of all time. You owe it to yourself to check it out. It’s streaming on Netflix so I will hear no excuses.


2 thoughts on “TV Recommendation

  1. Juliette, it IS amazing! I’m not sure if you mean you won’t sleep because it’s scary or because it’s so awesome that you’d rather watch Doctor Who than sleep… the latter is potentially true {I know of what I speak — I stayed up WAY later watching the Doctor last night than a woman with a baby should}.

    But as far as the scariness? It really isn’t that bad. Don’t get me wrong: there are seriously creepy episodes. But I think something helpful to know is that Doctor Who is considered to be a family show in the UK. So most conflict is resolved within the episode. There are a few two-part episodes that end with creepy cliff hangers {and if you ever watch, I’ll be happy to give you a heads up before you get there}, but it really isn’t terrible. And I am a giant wimp about scary movies. I can’t even watch trailers anymore without being up all night! But I LOVE {with a deep and abiding love} Doctor Who.

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