Continuing the bromance theme this week, I’d like to talk about man-caves. Every good bromance deserves a fitting locale. The first example that comes to mind is the apartment of Joey and Chandler on Friends. Their apartment with it’s various iterations represents the peak of bachelorhood and bromancedom. A good bro-cave should incorporate comfort…

…and random whimsy…

Everything in this picture makes sense.

A more recent example is the bromance depicted in This Means War. Now, the two dudes lived in separate apartments, but they both represent the essentials of what a bro-cave includes. First we have Tuck’s apartment:

Is it a garage? Is it a loft? The overlap of the two is where testosterone comes from.

And then we have Foster’s apartment which is no less impressive. I couldn’t find a decent picture of it, but suffice to say it has a pool……in the ceiling.

If you put those two places together you’d have a concentration of manliness so dense that it would spontaneously produce Chuck Norris clones.

Finally, we have one of the classic bromances. One that traveled halfway across the country and thrived in a variety of wacky situations…

This is perhaps the most stylish of bromances.

They came from humble beginnings and had to make the best bro-cave they could as they took their adventure on the road…

As far as bromances go, this is practically cuddling. But manlier.

It wasn’t always comfortable or convenient, but they adapted to their circumstances. When living conditions prevent few options, a healthy bromance knows no boundaries…


And now I bring to you a personal request.

I thought that the whole idea of a man-cave was kinda dumb and very cliche. Then I bought a house with a two-car garage and suddenly the idea of a man-cave doesn’t sound so bad. HOWEVER, I still think it’s cliche to call it “The Man Cave”, and this is where you come in. As I have been setting things up, I have been trying to come up with a clever name for my garage that is less obvious than “man cave.” Below are some options that I have so far:

Rohan, Bag-End, or Weathertop (from Lord of the Rings)

McLaren’s (bar from How I Met Your Mother)

Tardis, Gallifrey (from Doctor Who)

Winterfell, King’s Landing (from Game of Thrones)

Mos Eisley (from Star Wars)

Batcave, Fortress of Solitude, Oa (from the DC Universe)

Aperture Labs, Black Mesa (from the Half-Life Universe)

The hatch, The Lamp Post (from LOST)

Those are just what comes to mind immediately, but feel free to use your creativity and draw from other cool franchises. I’m going for a casual, fun vibe, so bar-type name makes sense, but I’m also a huge nerd so I’m open to nearly anything. I would appreciate any suggestions or heated debates in the comments below.

While you’re at it, I also want to hear fun anecdotes of when you’ve named a special object or place.



One thought on “Bro-caves

  1. David, these are succinct and essential reminders of how important the cave is to the transformation of a man into a caveman.
    My favorite man cave in Abilene was under my bed. I lifted it up on 3 layers of cinder blocks and thumbtacked a sheet around the outside. Sometimes my room mates Phillip and Dusty would come in and lift up a corner and say, ‘You okay?’ My replies were nonverbal. My favorite man cave in Oxford was also occupied by a fellow Boother. Joey and I stacked the furniture in Brutalist style and blocked the entrance with one of the beds. (Why did I have to sleep in that one, Joey?) Every morning Joey would crouch to get under my bed and out to the bathroom and in his eagerness he invariably stood up too quickly and scraped his spinal column and said something nasty. My favorite man cave in Pullman is my bedroom which is just small enough to fit me and 3 bicycles. I cannot have guests. Or when I do have guests we have to stand in a spooning configuration.

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