Greatest TV Bromances

In honor of the upcoming new TV season, I want to take stroll through the halls of television history to examine some of my favorite television bromances of all time.

5. Ryan and Esposito (Castle)

Ryan and Espo, repping their favorite Sting project. Just kidding, they’re cops!

While Castle’s love story is supposedly between Castle and Beckett, those of us in the know pay attention to Detectives Ryan and Esposito. They’ve got the classic odd couple pairing. Example: One guy is a military vet that loves to say “Yo!”, one guy likes three piece suits and hair product.

These two guys get along well in real life. I think that friendship shows up on screen during the show’s lighter moments. If ABC ever decides to make a spinoff show with these two, my DVR is ready. My spinoff pitch: shoot a web series where they make it on the same season of an Amazing Race type show.

4. Turk and J.D. (Scrubs)

Bill Lawrence, the producer of Scrubs, once said that despite all of the relationship drama on this show, the real love story of the series is between J.D. and Turk. The show openly embraces the bromance – these two guys actually sang about their “guy-love” in an award-winning episode of Scrubs.

3. Neal Caffery and Peter Burke (White Collar)

Just two dudes in suits. Classy.

(Spoiler alert: White Collar is the apex of television.)
This is another odd couple pairing. One guy is a by-the-book federal agent, the other guy is thief who fully embraces la dolce vita. For a light show, these two certainly have some great moments. While Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer are funny together, I think the best scenes between the two happen when Burke’s goodness comes out as a family man. He really wants Neal to turn his life around, and he’s so darn earnest. There’s also a big brother/little dynamic that’s fun to watch.

2. Richie Cunningham & The Fonz (Happy Days) | Seth Cohen and Ryan Atwood (The OC)

Cool guys wear leather jackets.


After literally minutes of deliberation, I decided to place these two in a tie for first place. It’s impossible for me to pick a favorite because Happy Days and The OC have the exact same bromance setup: A dork and his family accept a good-hearted kid from the wrong side of the tracks. Family and hilarity ensue.

In both shows, the cool guy makes the nerd cooler, and the nerd allows the cool guy to have the one thing he never had before – a real family. Both shows are at their best when they nail the family dynamic.

The only bad thing about The OC is that Seth never punched a jukebox to make it work. He did, thankfully, punch everything else.

1. Bret & Jermaine (Flight of the Conchords)

Not only are these guys best friends and roommates, they also started a band together. They also moved to another continent together. They fight over budgets, their apartment, friendship time, etc. They’re young Kiwis, but also an old married couple. That’s why they’re the number one bromance.

Here they are fighting over a girl (Kristin Wiig cameo):

Here they are agreeing about girls in general:


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