Celebrity Reality TV Decathalon

I’m of the opinion that if you can’t say something nice, you shouldn’t say anything at all. The caveat is that if you do bring up a problem, you should have a solution ready.

So, I know economic times are hard, I know NBC is struggling, I’m here to help, NBC. Let’s right this ship. For America. Instead of having reality shows with manufactured drama and D-list stars, let’s think big. Allow me to present NBC’s Celebrity Reality Decathlon.

Here’s the quick pitch: Big stars from tv, movies, stage, music, and athletics compete in a series of interdisciplinary events to determine The Best. (The Best is the winners’ title.)

Tim Tebow, Lolo Jones, NPH, Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruise, Brad Paisley, Emma Stone, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Tom Hardy compete in the following:

The Voice
Top Chef
Two-on-two basketball
Teaching kindergarten
The Amazing Race
Top Shot
The Glee Project/Inside the Actors Studio
Design Star
Wheel of Fortune (co-ed teams)

What American wouldn’t watch this? Why American wouldn’t spend an inappropriate portion of their work day reading updates on behind-the-scenes antics? Here’s the kicker for the network – you donate like 1.5 million dollars to the winner’ charity of choice so you can get big names. That’s the key. And it’s a positive result with a group of positive folks.

Highlights would include Tom Cruise having more energy than kindergarteners, a Tim Tebow/Emma Stone duet, Tom Hardy decorating an entertaining space, gosh the list goes on.

Someone make this happen. All I want in return for this idea is a backstage pass for the events and a Spec’s gift card.


4 thoughts on “Celebrity Reality TV Decathalon

  1. I don’t even like tv and I would watch that. One of these days, someone’s going to call you up about one of these ideas!

  2. This is the most brilliant thing I’ve heard in awhile. I would ABSOLUTELY watch that. If/when this comes to fruition, can you make sure that the Tebow/Stone duet is “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart?” I’ll also settle for “Endless Love.” Thankyouverymuch.

  3. I’m in. The only person you left out is Nick Lachey. Sure, he’s probably way worse than D-list, but he makes terrible puns and then America and the A-listers can laugh at the ensuing cheesiness.

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