Treat me like a Bantha and I feel so rough…

This song will now be in your head for the rest of the day, but it is so worth it. Watch all three and marvel at all the ways we can make our opinions known.




And now, a question for you my friends, what angsty version of this song do you want to write? I think my ode will be to summertime that I used to know – full of popsicles and pools and flip-flops and none of this pesky “work to eat” business.

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About wranglerdani

I love: Kayaking, sunsets, Hudson jeans, horses, long car rides, grammatically correct e-mails, Heineken, good cigars, quad-shot lattes, engaging story-tellers, Diet Coke, sunflowers, the color green, mountain mornings and long walks.

3 thoughts on “Treat me like a Bantha and I feel so rough…

  1. “But the change I got is that I moved in with my mother…” HAHAHA…

    Maybe I would sing, “Now you’re just the belly that I used to know.”

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