My Hometown: Fort Worth

College tends to be a melting pot for other where people from all different parts come together. As such, when someone asks you where you’re from in college, your answer may need to vary depending on the questioner’s level of geographic knowledge. For example, if I bump into an alien and they ask where I’m from, if I say Fort Worth they’ll look at me and act interested but not really know what I’m talking about. At that point I may as well have said “Isengard” or “Winterfell” (but not “Tuchanka” because then they would know I’m full of it). In that case I would simply say “Earth” and hope that’s good enough.

Now, Abilene is a mere two hours from Fort Worth, but many people you may run into are not even from Texas. For me to tell the accurate truth about my hometown I’d have to say “Benbrook” which is a nice little suburb on the southwest corner of Fort Worth. But that means nothing to a non-Texan, so I say Fort Worth instead. Still, I get quizzical looks and continue to explain where my hometown is. What response do I then get??? “So….you’re from Dallas.”

No. No I am not from Dallas. Benbrook might be basically Fort Worth, but Fort Worth is not Dallas. If you’re from another country or even a remote corner of the U.S., this is forgivable. But not for a Texan. Fort Worth and Dallas are two distinctly different cities with unique cultures separated by about an hour’s drive of smaller cities. Do not reduce my great city of Fort Worth to a mere suburb of Dallas.

All of that to say, I’m claiming Fort Worth as my hometown, so don’t ask me about the big ball with the restaurant in it.

So. Fort Worth. Let’s take a quick tour, shall we?

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

Many school field trips were taken here. It has an OMNI theater (where I took my girlfriend to see Polar Express once, it worked out well), a planetarium, and a DINOSAUR DIG SITE. There was also a dinosaur out front.
Now we know why I was really into dinosaurs.

The Water Gardens

This place is awesome. It has interesting concrete terrain and pools and waterfalls everywhere. I used to love climbing around this place. The best part is this:

That’s a giant pit in the middle of downtown Fort Worth with water. You can walk down there in the middle and the noise is overwhelming and somewhat surreal. There are other neat areas in the gardens that are intentionally designed to manipulate water and acoustics.

Fort Worth Convention Center

I was here many times for church events, the circus (when I was really young), and for car shows with dad in more recent years. It looks kinda like Moody Coliseum/a spaceship.

And finally…

Rahr & Sons Brewery

This is a very recent entry for me, and also a huge favorite. Rahr is a local brew that I have recently discovered and their brewery is right near downtown Fort Worth. They have a regular “tour” of their brewery where they open things up to the public. I say “tour” because it’s not really a tour. It’s a giant warehouse with all their brewing equipment and you can pretty much just walk around and see what you want. They may have a guided explanation occasionally, but that’s not the real reason for the “tour.” It’s to drink beer (did you see that coming?). They have tables and food trucks and most (if not all) of their various brews available to taste and enjoy. They’ve created this casual, communal environment that’s the perfect way to just hang out with friends.

Pictured: why Fort Worth is awesome.

That concludes my brief tour of Fort Worth. Come visit sometime. Just don’t call it Dallas.


2 thoughts on “My Hometown: Fort Worth

  1. Amen brother! I am also often very annoyed at this phenomenon, especially when I’m talking to all these Californians out here. If you’re going to lump it all together, at least call it the Metroplex! Nice review, there’s so many things you could highlight! Stockyards, rodeos, Angelo’s BBQ (among many other great eats), World’s Largest HonkyTonk… the list goes on and on.

  2. People really think Ft. Worth is a suburb of Dallas? That’s ludicrous. As an 18ish year resident of Dallas, I can count on one hand the number of times I even WENT to Fort Worth. THAT’s how different and far away it is. It makes no sense.

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