My Hometown: The Circuit

This week, members of the Club are writing about hometowns. The weird thing about my hometown is that I don’t really have just one.

I was raised in a few different cities, and I can’t claim just one without feeling dishonest. But that’s a moot point.

When I think of home, I think of my parents and their generosity that was always on display to my friends and me. Likewise, I spent a lot of good times in the homes of my friends.

My hometown isn’t a city as much as a circuit of friends’ houses. Dance Party at my house, New Years at Amanda’s, jamming at Vince and Travis’s, video games at Jim’s. (Just to name a few.). That’s how I spent high school, that’s where I grew up, so that’s what I claim.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ll be happy to take you on a half-day walking tour of my little city. It’s a great place. But as far as hometowns go – I think that’s more about memories.


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