Favorite TV Theme Songs

Perfect Strangers

This song makes me want to stand on something tall and throw my arms out in victory. On the wings of my dreams.

Veronica Mars

Season 3 was only superior to the first two seasons in one way: the new theme song. This version of “We Used To Be Friends” by the Dandy Warhols was edited, slowed down, and made to fit the feel of the show more than the original, super peppy high school version. (And let’s face it: Veronica was anything but PEPPY.)


Lyrics a bit too on the nose? Perhaps. But man alive does this opener get you ready for a glorious hour of invisible people in locker rooms and creepy Adam Brody appearances.

Friday Night Lights

Sparkling and meaningful and wonderful. An original composition for the show, this song just captures it all.

Step By Step

Definitely not the best show on TGIF, but their theme song remains awesomely singalongable. You know you love it too.

(Although: “As long as these dreams fit under one umbrella”? WHAT?)

The OC

I’m just not aware that it gets much better than this.

Honorable Mention: Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Boy Meets World, Growing Pains, Scrubs, Fresh Prince, and the entire 1990’s Disney Afternoon line-up


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