First Impressions

I don’t think I’m alone in this. But when I know and/or grow to love a character, I have a hard time seeing them as a different character. This happens mostly with TV characters, since you grow to love them over a period of multiple seasons.

For example, no matter what the cast of LOST does, it will still be weird for me to see Jin and Locke hanging out with one of the one of the Malloy twins or to see Ben Linus in that show with Jesus. And it doesn’t matter if he’s on Mars or in Mexico with Bridget— Tim Riggins will always be Tim Riggins.

Speaking of “Friday Night Lights”, Kyle Chandler (annnd I almost typed Eric Chandler) is one of the few who successfully traded up to a new, better character. I loved him back in the day when he was Gary from “Early Edition” but quickly abandoned that character to fond memory when I saw him doin his thing so fantastically as Coach Eric Taylor. I can’t say that the transition will be as easy for his TV wife Connie Britton in her new series.  But if Tami Taylor wants to be in a show with little Sheryl Yoast about a place I used to live, I could be persuaded to watch at least one episode. (I also just discovered that Hayden P’s character in “Nashville”? Is named Juliette. So I’ll at least watch the pilot.)

Tami and Sheryl are kind of a weird pairing, but every now and then, worlds collide in a way that’s really just not right. For example:

I saw a preview for this last week. This show has Newman from “Seinfeld” and Turk from “Scrubs” (who in my mind, is very much still Petey) with Sally Solomon from “3rd Rock from the Sun”. That doesn’t make sense at all. I don’t even care who those other people are. I’m weirded out.

Also, what in all the WORLDS is Dean Cain doing on the abomination that is The Choice? Poor Dean. How the mighty have fallen. But it doesn’t matter what Desperate/Situation they find themselves in– in my mind (and in wranglerdani’s mind too, I can assure you), this will ALWAYS be Lois and Clark.

This will also always be Clark.

And this will always be Lana.

My parents died in a meteor shower… I don’t want to talk about it.

Even if she’s making out with Chuck Bartowski. (And even if last season, Chuck Bartowski was making out with Summer Roberts… while his ex-girlfriend was making out with Superman. Why is that show so good at cocktailing every nerdy thing that I love?!)

Speaking of Chuck, this is a tough one.

I wish I could say that my mind immediately went to Jayne Cobb when I see Adam Baldwin, but I’ve been watching so much “Chuck” lately that when me and the hubs sat down for our first Independence Day viewing of Independence Day in years (having forgotten entirely that Adam Baldwin was in it), the moment he popped on screen, we both yelled “John Casey!”.

The only time Adam Baldwin is not John Casey is when Summer Glau (annnd I almost typed River Glau) guest stars on “Chuck”.

Then he’s Jayne. (But come on, they’re pretty much the same person.)

As far as ensemble casts who are, in my mind, eternally bound to their characters until they come up with something more brilliant (and sometimes even then), they are as follows. I give you, the Unchangeables:

  • The Huxtables
  • The cast of Chuck
  • The cast of LOST
  • The cast of The O.C. (yes, even you, Olivia Wilde)
  • Most of the cast of Firefly/Serenity (but not you, Julie Cooper)
  • The cast of Smallville
  • The cast of Friday Night Lights

That’s right. You fellas can pretend to be Doctor Saracen and Officer Atwood all the live long day– but QB1 and Kid Chino you will remain. That goes for you too, Jason Street. You can hang out with Seth and Chuck’s ex-lady on “Hart of Dixie” till the cows come home, but you will still be the guy Lyla cheated on with Tim Riggins.

And SPEAKING of people in wheelchairs. This guy?

Will ALWAYS be this guy.

Don’t gimme that Young Money crap, Jimmy Brooks.

I think I’ve made my point. Who are your favorite Unchangeables?


2 thoughts on “First Impressions

  1. This is a fantastic post and I whole-heartedly agree.

    I do think Adam Baldwin is an interesting one because I’m with you, where I loved him so much in Chuck that he is now always John Casey to me. Probably one of the few to successfully change to a new unchangeable. 🙂

    Star Trek: The Next Generation is an unchangeable for me. It’s not even that I was a huge fan of the show, but I think it’s one of the first non-TGIF primetime shows I ever watched. Michael Dorn guest starred on Castle this past season and every time he was on screen I yelled “WORF!!!”

    I might also add the cast of ER (at least the early seasons when I watched it…George Clooney, Noah Wyle, Anthony Edwards, Julianna Margulies, Laura Innes, etc).

    And of course Battlestar Galactica. Michael Trucco will always be my Anders.

  2. OH SO GOOD.

    Adam and I just watched “Conviction” the other night, in which Peter Gallagher plays another kindly lawyer, and I couldn’t resist sighing “I love Sandy Cohen!”

    Also, Clark Kent 4EVAH.

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