Being Obese is Bad. Should it be Illegal?

Last week I wrote about being precise in our political language, and in the comment section we started into a debate about the government role in food production.

I saw this video and thought it was too perfect not to share. Watch and discuss:

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One thought on “Being Obese is Bad. Should it be Illegal?

  1. This is such a tricky topic for me. I know a few people that would fit into the obese category. Some of them eat terribly {and know it} and some of them eat a thousand times more healthy than I do and still cannot seem to lose any weight. So I always try to remember that just because someone is overweight doesn’t necessarily mean they’re gorging themselves on Dunkin Donuts every day.

    However, sometimes it irks me that we act as though people don’t KNOW what’s healthy and not. It frustrates me that we’re so quick to shift blame away from individuals. Maybe restaurants and fast food places not offering healthy alternatives is part of it {1,000 calorie salads certainly aren’t helping people make smart choices}, but there still has to be SOME level of personal responsibility involved.

    I honestly don’t know what the correct answer is. But I’m pretty positive that the government outlawing certain foods or deciding what’s healthy for us isn’t the answer. I think the video is right in saying that it can’t be a one size fits all approach.

    {And, to complicate matters further, what about the people who WANT to be obese? Who are proud of their weight? Would the government force them to change that lifestyle?}

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