Comic Conversations Ep. 3

In this episode, Joey and Nathan talk about the comics which drew them into the medium. Special guest appearance by John, a friend and fellow enthusiast. Sit back and enjoy our look at three classic books and what makes them great.

Included in this episode:


Ultimate Spiderman Vol. 1

Midnight Nation

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The author is a used car salesman and an avid homebrewer. More often than not you will find me reading about ways to improve a pint of ale or looking for some new ingredient that will make beer a fresh and exciting experience. He graduated from a major Texas university with a bachelor's degree in Business Management and a minor in English. Supposedly this is the exercise that minor was intended to encourage.

10 thoughts on “Comic Conversations Ep. 3

  1. I am a comic novice. I currently own Watchmen, V for Vendetta (went RIGHT over my head) and the Halo Graphic Novel. I got into all of these solely because of an alternative medium in which those stories were first made known to me. My question is this based on something like the Halo Graphic Novel- as comic book natives, have there been any comic book adaptations that you have either warmly welcomed or rolled your eyes at. For example I know that Buffy has continued on as a comic and other various stories/universes have spilled over into the comic book realm. How do you, as true comic book fans feel about this? What are some noteworthy or infamous examples?

    • My temperament isn’t very exclusive so I don’t tend to prejudice myself out of liking something because of its lack of medium purity.

      Like you, if I like a fictional universe then I’m excited to jump into it in any medium that I can.

      I think Felicia Day and company’s Guild comics are a good addition to the web series. Anything Whedon touches is pretty true to his shows or IP.

      Marvel adapts some classic literature and that can be fun.

      I think the only problems happen when whoever is working on the comics breaks from the feel or mythology of the original IP.

    • I’m with Joey in that I find The Guild tie-in books to be very good additions to the show itself. They help build the world without feeling forced. I’ve also got the first Halo Graphic Novel, which I found a little light on content but was very interesting visually. I know there are quite a number of other Halo graphic novels out now, but I’m not that certain about their level of quality. Joey has also been a big fan of the Mass Effect books, or at least invited me to read them at one point, so that might be something else worth investigating.

      My biggest draw towards tie-in stuff is that I love the source material in the first place. If I love Firefly enough I will inevitably love a Firefly graphic novel just because it gives me more Firefly (something FOX will never do). So if you see something in the comic shop that is tied to something you like, try it out. I plan on checking out the Ender’s Game graphic novels pretty soon myself.

  2. Enjoyed this.
    You guys have convinced me it would be fun to find a comic book store in this area. I’m not sure there is one. If there is its probably in someone’s garage.
    I’ve always been attracted to graphic novels with original and pretty drawings. Know of any? I usually just go to a bookstore and look for something that catches my eye. I think 300 was beautiful.

    • Anything illustrated by Alex Ross is gorgeous. Marvels (Marvel) and Kingdom Come (DC) off the top of my head. I’d also just browse the shelves and fun what you like. The Fables series is pretty.

    • If your local store is worth its salt at all, you should be able to talk to the guys there about the stuff you like. Tell them you want visually unique art in that style or just in general, and they should be able to point you in the right direction. I agree with you that 300 was beautiful.

  3. I love superheroes and have for awhile. In fact, even though they’re extremely campy, I have a special place in my heart for the Burton-Schumacher era Batman movies.

    But I think I really started appreciating comics when the Hubby and I saw the V for Vendetta movie. Honestly, until that point I wasn’t really aware that there were comics besides superheroes {shameful, I know}. I loved the story and even attempted to read the comic…but I had a really hard time getting into such a different method of storytelling. I should try it again, though. Especially now that I have several great recommendations from y’all!

    • I had a hard time with comics when I got back into reading them regularly again. I had gotten so used to reading novels that I had a hard time not just blasting through the conversations and actually slowing down to enjoy the art. So much of what the story is about comes from the way it’s drawn and inked, that I was missing a ton of the goods by just trying to get what I thought was the “meat” in the story.

      I still love the 90’s era Batman movies as well. I’m a sucker for anything with AH-nold in it, so I loved seeing him as Mr. Freeze, even though it was just horrible.

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