Comic Conversations, Ep. 2

In this episode of Comic Conversations, Nathan and Joey talk about superhero fashion choices. Questions from last week are answered, and a recurring feature where we ask you, the viewer, a question of the week is officially added. Guest starring George.

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About thefourthlaw

The author is a used car salesman and an avid homebrewer. More often than not you will find me reading about ways to improve a pint of ale or looking for some new ingredient that will make beer a fresh and exciting experience. He graduated from a major Texas university with a bachelor's degree in Business Management and a minor in English. Supposedly this is the exercise that minor was intended to encourage.

8 thoughts on “Comic Conversations, Ep. 2

  1. You guys have a great repor or report, how do you spell that? You talk nice together. You’re fun to watch. That’s what I mean.
    Thanks for expounding on the mysteries. You too, George.

    • I believe it’s rapport Brett. But yes, I have nearly as much fun watching them as I do making them. If only iMovie quit crashing every two seconds while trying to edit we’d be in business.

    • Joey is drinking a Fireman’s #4, a blonde ale by Real Ale Brewing Co. out of Blanco, TX. I am drinking a Lawnmower, a German-style Kolsch by Saint Arnold’s Brewing Co. out of Houston, TX. I would recommend either one.

  2. When Joey is thinking about his answer, his toes do acrobatics. Lesson learned: if this really was a hostage situation, you’d want to wear shoes. Your toes give you away.

  3. Question: what are some of the best superhero/comic book movie or TV show adaptations? Smallville gets a vote, if for nothing else than Bo Duke.

  4. I’m going to put in a vote for favorite: Captain America.
    Primary reason: It just makes me want to break out into a USA! chant everytime I see it. Which I think is probably reason enough for it to be considered one of the best.
    But additionally I think it’s really functional without being over the top. You’ve got some sturdy military style boots. Yes, it’s a pretty form-fitting costume but that’s probably best when running like the wind and leaping over enemy lines. And then you have the iconic shield. The one downside I’d say is his helmet/mask had some Flash-like wing things which seem completely unnecessary. I actually really like what they did with the translation to Chris Evan’s costume in the movie as well.

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