Comic Conversations, Ep. 1

In Episode 1 of Comic Conversation, Nathan and Joey discuss why comics are good and what they’re currently reading.

Mentioned in particular are:


6 thoughts on “Comic Conversations, Ep. 1

  1. Guys-
    I watched this twice at the end of my day. Thanks.
    Nate, do you have a mustache? Even if you don’t, that’s a great mustache.
    Can you guys recommend some classic comics. Like which ones do you think set the bar for the medium? Or which ones opened up a new way of doing comic books?
    Someone pointed out the Dark Knight Returns to me about a decade ago. That was really good.

  2. Brett I have well manicured “scruff” though I see that through our poor medium it does look more like a nice mustache. Hopefully when we make the transition into higher definition video you will not be disappointed.

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