May 26th: Epilogue

Grace- getting what you don’t/have done nothing to deserve.

Mercy- not getting what you DO deserve.

My heart is still full from the abundant presence of both in my life over the past seven days.

In the middle of my last post, on the late eve of my due date, I went into labor. Thirteen hours later, I was looking at my beautiful baby girl. I had so many fears and uncertainties about the entire process– things I’d feared and wondered about long before I ever got married or thought about having a baby. Miraculously, NONE of it was a problem. In fact, the entire process was a whole lot quicker and a whole lot less dramatic than I imagined it would be. The presence of God was so evident throughout the process of labor and delivery that I was humbled– completely overwhelmed by the smoothness in the midst of the insanity that is bringing a new person into the world.

I’ll save the full birth story for my personal blog (you know you want to hear about the 30 minutes that I labored in the Starbucks parking lot.), but suffice it to say, I am still reeling from the goodness of God that has been shown to me in every possible way since our daughter decided to join us in the world. Even down to the fact that in spite of the sin of Adam and Eve that brought about the unavoidable curse that IS the pain of childbirth, God has given us grace in the form of a heavenly anesthetic. (My epidural was A. Mazing.)

So far, parenthood is amazing. Difficult, unusual and sort of crazy in moments. But beautiful and humbling. In the proper context, I highly recommend it.


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