David’s Podcast Playlist

This continues a series started by Joey in which we share the podcasts we’re listening to these days. Making this list made me realize how many different podcasts I listen to and how much I must have earphones in during the day. I have separated them by categories:


Mars Hill Church: Yes, I know this Seattle church has seen a lot of controversy, but I get a lot of Biblical instruction and encouragement from Mark’s preaching.

The Village Church: This is actually my church. This one makes the list for the weeks I don’t make it to church…

Redeemer Presbyterian Church: Tim Keller’s church in New York. His preaching is always simple, practical, and usually full of C. S. Lewis quotes.


Fresh Air: This helps me keep tabs on what’s happening in the world and popular culture, sort of.

Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me!: I get most of my information on current events and news from this quiz show, is that sad?


YNAB (You Need A Budget): This is the podcast by the guy who made the budgeting software that I use. It’s mostly useful and provides some tips and motivation for good money management.

Stuff You Should Know: This show is kinda like a Discovery show in podcast form covering various interesting subjects like How Labor Unions Work and How Labotomies work. If I ever get forced into a trivia competition, I may stand a chance because of this podcast.

Stuff To Blow Your Mind: This is very much like the previous entry and from the same website (howstuffworks.com), except that this is slanted much more towards science and geekiness.

Freakonomics: From the guys who did the books and the movie, this podcast provides a more interesting slant on the inner workings and economics behind everyday life.


International Waters: This is a relatively new one and only has a few episodes. It’s a pop-culture quiz show where two American comedians face off against two comedians from the U. K. Hilarity ensues.

How To Do Everything: This is hosted by two NPR producers. It’s part tip and advice show, part how-to. They take questions from callers and call professionals to help answer their questions. On a recent episode about flavoring vodka, they made taco-flavored vodka. Yeah, that kind of stuff.

Judge John Hodgman: John Hodgman is a comedian, actor, and writer. He was the PC guy on the old Mac/PC commercials. He uses his power of fake judgment to handle trivial disputes between friends and family members. Highly recommended.

The Indoor Kids: Irreverent and insightful commentary and musings on video games. For more info, see Joey’s podcast playlist.


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