Twenty Questions

Joey Interviews Val

1. Channing Tatum in GI Joe or Channing Tatum in Step Up? Never seen either, but dancing is more fun than fighting, so I’ll say Step Up. (Sidenote: Ugggggh Channing Tatum.)

2. Iron Man or Thor? Iron Man, far and away, always and forever. Wit and humor will win me over every time. Sorry, muscles.

3. Rory or Katniss? I would rather hang out with Rory Gilmore, because we could talk about books and food and movies. Katniss would probably just sulk and silently make fun of me slash fantasize about putting an arrow in my knee.

4. Homecooked meal or sit-down restaurant? There’s a time and a place for both! I love eating out, but I guess ultimately you can’t beat the care that goes into a homecooked meal.

5. That Thing You Do (The Wonders), Fever Dog (Stillwater), or The Pit (Mouse Rat)? Wow. TOUGH one. All good bands, clearly. From the three I would narrow it down to either Fever Dog or TTYD, because both are great songs. The guitar work on Fever Dog is INCENDIARY. However, in the end I have to go with The Wonders, my first band love.

6. Seth or Ryan? I’m going to have to contradict my earlier statement here. Because while Seth is technically funnier than Ryan, he is also WAY too squirrely and high maintenance for me. I’ll go with Kid Chino himself, Mr. Ryan Atwood.

7. Would you rather hang out with Summer Roberts or Taylor Townsend? Summer Roberts of course! She’s hilarious and we would go shopping and talk about guys and go to the diner for black and white milkshakes. Dream come true.

8. London or Paris? WHAT IN THE WORLD. This is too hard. Paris. No, London. Wait–PARIS. Okay fine, London. (I think.)
[Joey: The correct is Paris. Unless it’s London. I don’t know.]

9. Iron Man or Sherlock Holmes? Iron Man.

10. Ocean or lake? Ocean, most definitely. Open and shut, the end.

Val Interviews Joey

1. Who would win in a fight? Young Fassbender Magneto or the Hulk? Magneto.

2. Emma Stone or Aubrey Plaza? Emma Stone unless we’re casting live action Daria.

3. Mal or Apollo? Mal. Wait. Apollo.

4. Favorite Late Night With Jimmy Fallon game or segment. Let Us Play With Your Look (Cheadle)

5. Best all-time SNL cast member. Man. I think it’s gotta be a team player, versatile. Up for anything. So the short list has to be–and my thinking for these is best on SNL, not necessarily funniest or most talented or best overall career–probably Hartman, but Wiig & Hader by far in the modern cast.

6. Best tacos in Austin. That’s tough. For something-Mex food my favorites are La Morelia, Manuel’s, and Z Tejas. I like homemade the best.

7. Who will win the presidential election? Call it. Now. Romney by 4% of the popular vote.

8. Best Channing Tatum nickname. Keanu. (I love Channing Tatum and Keanu so that’s not disparaging coming from me.)

9. Mighty Ducks, The Sandlot, Rookie of the Year, or Angels in the Outfield? None. If I were forced to pick one of those I guess Ducks 1 or Rookie of the Year.

10. Dillon Panthers or East Dillon Lions? Lions. They’re the Mackenzie dorm of Dillon. How so? Initially they look like the misfits but pretty much everyone ends up a winner


6 thoughts on “Twenty Questions

  1. My official response:

    3. Really, Joey? Really?? You went for the angsty flyboy over the charming and capable yet roguish Mal? Even after Apollo let himself go and got all depressed during that one season?

    4. WTF??? That video actually somehow gave me more respect for Don Cheadle.

    10. East Dillon for sure, but Mackenzie dwellers are still misfits at heart and that may never change, so Mabee is superior. Besides, Mabee and Edwards more closely resemble Tetris blocks, so that’s a distinct advantage.

    Also, London.

  2. Val, you would rather hang out with Katniss if the world was ending or someone was hunting you or you felt a need to eat squirrels.

    Just thought I’d point that out.

  3. Roommate, the question was who I wanted to hang out with, not who I wanted to fight zombies with. Because in that case, you’re right- Rory would basically be worthless to me in any sort of hunting/fighting scenario.

  4. Joey I don’t know about 1. Magneto pretty much cannot kill Hulk. Iron Man put a nuke in his space ship when they sent him to another planet just to try to keep him from coming back if he tried, and all firing it did was kill Hulk’s wife, infuriate him, and actually increased his strength quite a bit. Magneto could land a bunch of metal crap on him, but Hulk would one day climb out and then there’d be hell to pay. Fassbender would kill it with the ladies way better than Bruce though, so I guess if you meant who would win at being a pickup artist that would be the obvious choice.

  5. Roommate, excellent point. I guess I assume that we should always be ready for apocalypse or the Gamemakers to eff up our lives at any moment, even when out for fro-yo. Then again, maybe I’ve been reading too many libertarian blogs and/or sci-fi.

  6. “Lions. They’re the Mackenzie dorm of Dillon… Initially they look like the misfits but pretty much everyone ends up a winner.”

    Brilliant. 🙂

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