Children of God

Trayvon Martin is dead. Whether or not George Zimmerman was legally justified in shooting young Mr. Martin, the immutable truth of the situation is that at least one person died, and that the gunshots that killed him will echo through many lives for many years.

Trayvon Martin is dead, and George Zimmerman is now one of the most publicly hated people in America. Whether or not what he did was legally justified, his life has been shattered as well.

As Dani said, no one is glad that any of this happened.

Since Trayvon’s shooting, I’ve seen and heard a lot of people called racist, uncaring, opportunistic, and I’ve oddly had someone say that “my kind” should be deported.

What has happened? How has an unfortunate shooting in Florida started a national shouting match about everything that can divide us? Some fuse was lit.

As a Christian, I’m most interested in what makes us the same. I’m interested in what Jesus did for us on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. What he did was reconcile us to God and allow us to be called children of God.

I have little patience for what is dividing us because we’re all the same. We’re all children of God. Trayvon Martin is a child of God. George Zimmerman is a child of God. Spike Lee is a child of God. Geraldo Rivera is a child of God. Roseanne Barr is a child of God. Barack Obama is a child of God. Rush Limbaugh is a child of God.

“This is my command,” Jesus says in John 15, “Love each other.”

“Blessed are the peacemakers,” Jesus says in Matthew 5, “for the will be called children of God.”

May God give us the correct measures of justice and mercy so that we can love one another and welcome his Kingdom.


3 thoughts on “Children of God

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  2. Well said. Hard to see in tough times, and even harder to do, but that doesn’t change the veracity of your words. We are indeed a fractured world and fractured people. I’ve been enjoying the blog Joey, miss you brother.

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