Exes and Ohs

The end of The Bachelor and the beginning of March Madness got me thinking in a big way, and I’ve got a pitch for a new reality show. It’s called Exes and Ohs, and here’s how it works:

You pick an archetypical Bachelor type guy, troll his Facebook friends list, and pick out eight to twelve of his exes, either serious girlfriends, girls he dated once, prom dates, and you stick them in a room together.  You DO NOT tell them what they have in common.

I guess you could get them in the same room under the guise of a focus group or something, but basically you give them plenty of chances to start talking to each other.  Chances are a couple of the girls know each other.

“Brittany! What are you doing here?”

“Hey girl, I got invited to this focus group for a new clothing line. How excited are you for HUNGER GAMES?!?”


So the focus group leader come in to the room, says welcome to the group, we’re going to show you photos of different fashion line ideas for summer, tell us what you think, but one of the the models in the photos is EVERYONE’S EX!

“I used to date that guy…” one girl says to the girl next to her.  Eyes widen across the room.

“Me too!”

Brittany looks at her friend in a guilty manner.

“Brittany! You said you wouldn’t date him after I did!”

We don’t want to just put the girls on the spot, so we’ll bring the guy out and have Focus Group Leader/Host host a trivia game, where the guy has to correctly name all the girls, answer questions like, “What is Erica’s favorite movie?”, or  “Who said ‘I love you’ first?”, or even “Who broke up with who?”

There could also be a co-op round where if the girls can correctly arrange themselves in chronological order in under two minutes, they each get a gift card to the store doing the alleged focus group.  Extra drama ensues if friends are right by each other, or if a girl dated the guy at different times and can’t pick a spot.

Depending on the network, the current significant other could be in the group.

I wouldn’t watch this show because it sounds kind of traumatic, but I’m pretty sure you could get at least two seasons and few million out of it.


One thought on “Exes and Ohs

  1. This is genius.

    Maybe in the finale, all the current boyfriends and spouses of the exes could simultaneously fight the main guy…to the death.

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