Safe and Sound

Have you heard of The Hunger Games and/or Taylor Swift?  Well. Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars did a song for the Hunger Games soundtrack.  It’s called “Safe and Sound”, and it’s very good.  Here, listen.

When I was cruisin YouTube to find the video for that song, I found this pop-punk cover by TeraBrite.:

I’m a fan.


5 thoughts on “Safe and Sound

  1. If it wouldn’t {potentially} totally destroy the viewing experience for everyone else in the theater, I think I would just bring our baby to the midnight premiere. I mean, it’s only about 5 hours past his bedtime. No biggie, right?!

    On the other hand, perhaps he will sleep?? If he was sleeping I could just sneak him in candy-style. Now I need to find a giant, baby smuggling purse…

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