The house lights are down. Above a diamond plate steel ramp a monitor ticks off the seconds on a countdown clock. Digital 0, otherwise known as “Go Time”. Sparks erupt from either side of the ramp as pounding electronica blasts from speakers throughout the arena. Cheering, screaming crowds nearly deafen themselves in their display of adoration. A burly figure steps onto the ramp. Cutoff jorts, leather suspenders, knee high combat boots. This is their champion. This is Nathan Killion.

My first mountain summit at Twin Sisters outside Estes Park, CO.

This is my first entry for Corner Booth, and I like to imagine that’s how you see me. I wanted to paint a word picture, if you will, of my entrance into this blogosphere as one might see a wrestler enter the arena at Madison Square Garden. Pulse pounding anticipation. Well, that might have been a little melodramatic. I’m neither burly, nor do I own cutoff jorts (sad but true). I have not, to my knowledge, ever had any monitor of any size countdown the seconds to my arrival. I rarely announce my entrance with pyrotechnics. Get ready to have things built up and then subsequently shattered as your opinion of me goes from “This sounds like a guy I could hang out with” to “Suffer not the infidel to live!”

I guess the general idea behind an introductory post is to tell you a little about myself, ideally something about myself that is actually true, so I will do my best to do a quick recap of my life. To start with the basics I am originally from Round Rock, Texas, just north of the capital, Austin. I continue to live there to this day. I work with my father and grandfather at our family used car dealership where my duties run the gamut of everything from janitorial services to accounting. I have an undergraduate degree in Business Management from Texas Tech University, so cue mockery or Raider pride now.

Currently the vast majority of my time is spent divided between work and what has become almost a second job, that of church planter.  Just over a year ago Redeemer Round Rock was born. With a focus on gospel, community, and mission we have grown through the multiplication of missional communities reaching people at a personal level rather than a large attractional model of Sunday worship. Leading a missional community each week, along with managing logistics behind our Sunday gatherings, will probably provide me with numerous topics of religious discussion over the course of the next weeks and months, so definitely expect me to talk about this community more rather than less.

Finally, a quick run down of my hobbies and interests, so you can know whether you’ll be interested in reading any of my “articles?” (I don’t know what the correct term for our entries should be). My earliest love goes back to literature. I don’t expand very much outside of certain authors, but what I do read I am generally passionate about. I’m a huge fan of world building which generally seems to occur in “high fantasy” literature a la Lord of the Rings. That’s not to say I have any sort of sizable fantasy literature collection, in fact beyond LotR and one or two others my collection is rather small, but I like the idea of a fully developed world that feels like it has real history.

Another interest/passion for the past at least 22 years of my life has been the digital world of video games. From mobile games designed for smart phones to the far distant past of the Atari 2600, I have more or less grown up with the industry, and therefore it will probably always have some hold on me. I look forward to a day when I am 90 years old in a nursing home using telepathic controls on XBOX 2160 to steal space cruisers in GTA 37. From art design to story to gameplay, there will probably be a number of articles written about how I supplement my meagre accomplishments from the work week with dragon slaying in Skyrim.

I expected to make this section relatively short, but much like any nerd on the Internet it turns out I have more to say about my hobbies and passions than is strictly healthy. As a flyby list of other topics of discussion which might pop up over the course of my tenure at The Booth, here are a few of the other things which like to syphon away my time. Mountain biking. Bike repair/maintenance. Backpacking. Hiking. Water volleyball. Home brewing my own beer. Grilling burgers. Spending time with my golden retriever, Shelby. Table top board games (strategy, cooperative, or otherwise). Cleaning products (especially vacuums).

The aforementioned Shelby.

I look forward to starting this bold new adventure in cooperative blogging. While I was never very good at updating a blog of my own, I find the idea of writing with a group of talented individuals who will shame me into posting by consistently writing clever, deep, and/or hilarious content quite exhilarating. I have no doubt that I will get far more out of this experience than I could ever put in, and for that I am pre-emptively grateful.

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The author is a used car salesman and an avid homebrewer. More often than not you will find me reading about ways to improve a pint of ale or looking for some new ingredient that will make beer a fresh and exciting experience. He graduated from a major Texas university with a bachelor's degree in Business Management and a minor in English. Supposedly this is the exercise that minor was intended to encourage.

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