In the short time I’ve been writing as a hobby, I have discovered a frustrating fact about myself- I am not efficient with words. My original attempt at this bio was over 900 words. Hopefully this attempt will be more succinct and accessible.

This is me eating a cupcake. Not pictured: SHAME!

I was raised in Fort Worth and my school years were characterized mostly by heavy involvement in the church youth group. This led me to Abilene Christian University where I toiled for seven years to earn an undergraduate degree in ministry followed by a master’s in family therapy. During the course of my college adventure, I met my wonderful wife Stephanie.

Also, somewhere in there I went to Oxford. After college I spent a bit of time working in the D.C. area and then Dallas. I now live in Fort Worth and work as a crisis counselor for the county. That’s all you get from my history, if you want more details, I’m sure you’ll get your fill from future posts (I gotta save something to write about!).

For the remainder of my bio, I will provide you with a list, because I know that’s what you really want. Here is a brief list of some things you might expect me to write about.

-Jesus, theology, the Bible: This is the predominant force in my life, so just about everything will likely come back to this.

-My family: My wife is awesome. My son is hilarious and adorable. You are going to be subjected to hearing about them. Get used to it. In fact, here comes a picture you didn’t even ask for:

-Video games: I’ve been neck deep in gamer culture since the NES era. Adult responsibilities have appropriately regulated my game, but this is definitely the only real hobby I have and one that I really enjoy.

-Movies and music: An occasional review or commentary may appear as the mood strikes me. Or perhaps I’ll post something to arbitrarily and vehemently disagree with Val, just for the fun of it.

-Where Jesus and culture meet: This is what my blog Reclaimer 105 is about, only it focuses specifically on video games and gamer culture. However, I have many thoughts on this subject as it also relates to movies, music, and perhaps even politics (but I’ll let Dani handle that).

-Therapy and counseling: My career is in the field of helping people, so occasionally I may share some thoughts on the world from that perspective.

-Random stuff: I’m no stranger to random Internet memes and the like. I like cleverness, silliness, and puns. I have made some random posts on our family’s personal blog that are so wildly off the wall that it would boggle your mind. This blog will not be immune to such nonsense. You’ve been warned.

-Oxford: Yeah, I was in Oxford for a semester with some of the other contributors to this blog. Perhaps if I’m prodded I may share a story. Maybe even a picture or two…or 50. No, no, I’m kidding. There are really only 37. Albums. With 100+ pictures each.

I’m very honored to join the other contributors on this blog and I look forward to sharing and discussing with you, the Internet.



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