I’ve started writing and scrapped this introduction many times, a dangerous endeavor when writing corporately, as my fellow, far more talented scribes can see my every failed attempt. However, I’ve finally decided to quit over-thinking and over-editing myself and just say something already. I’m relieved, I hope you are too.

Anyway, I’m Dani. I have an unusual life story that rarely seems unusual to me until I actually tell one of my tales out loud, so expect at least a couple of irreverent or nonchalant stories about cow parts, horsehair and construction sites. I have a journalism degree from Abilene Christian University (where I met most of my fellow Boothers), and after several white-collar jobs gone wrong, am now lucky enough to own a small business and make money writing, editing and marketing (mostly from my couch). Oh, I was also lucky enough to go to Oxford with some of these fine folks, and I am really hoping that David makes good on his threat to publish photos from our time across the pond.

I love Victorian-era literature and if someday I can craft even one paragraph on par with Mark Twain, I can die happy. I’m most likely to write about a little of everything, although my wheelhouse is irreverent cracks about politics and current events, or anything to do with the intersection of faith and culture, something I’m passionate about. I’ve never been in a debate I didn’t enjoy, so don’t hesitate to comment if you think I’ve snarked my way off the rails. (Obviously, that’s never happened before, but you know. It’s possible.)

One of the best and toughest hikes I've ever been on... Wiamea Canyon, Hawaii

Other things about me: my husband, Adam, is my lobster (Friends reference? Anyone?) and we are soaking up the newlywed mojo for as long as we can. We live a block from the beach in Southern California, so when California politics make me want to stuff my face into the drywall, all I have to do is walk to the ocean to feel better. We love kayaking, camping, hiking, snowshoeing and we’ll try any outdoor adventure at least once. I am a terrible gardener but I have yet to learn my lesson, so I always have a handful of plants begging for mercy from the deck. I’m a great cook (if I dare say so myself) and I shamelessly collect cookbooks that I rarely use but love to look at. I have a magazine and hair products fetish, meaning that I always have too many of both laying around. It’s never too early or too late for a good cup of coffee, and I always have time for a chat with a friend, which this new blog seems sure to bring about. See y’all in the booth.

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About wranglerdani

I love: Kayaking, sunsets, Hudson jeans, horses, long car rides, grammatically correct e-mails, Heineken, good cigars, quad-shot lattes, engaging story-tellers, Diet Coke, sunflowers, the color green, mountain mornings and long walks.

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