I'm the one not wearing sunglasses.

My goal in life is to be an oak tree.  Not an actual oak tree. A metaphorical oak.  With deep roots.  I’d like to be a source of protection and comfort for the little world in which I inhabit.  I hope my friends, family, and community are better off because of me.  I hope some cool little oaks come from my lineage.  My current family is compromised of myself, my wife Samantha, and my dog George.

Those are the main things that you should know about me.  The less important things are that I’m an attorney, I play guitar, and I like beer and classy drinks that are appropriate at a jazz club.  I also really like comic books, and I’m trying to finish my first one.  Writing one, not reading one.  I’ve read comics before.   Finally, as you can see from the photo above, I am clearly and proudly pro-Hot Pocket.  Oh, I love the great state of Texas.


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