An introduction, of sorts.

You’ve arrived at the Corner Booth Social Club.  Welcome.

The Corner Booth was established in 2012.  Its beginnings were simple enough. I had a day off work, some leisure time, and perhaps an ale or two.  This combination, as it often does, allowed my mind to wander into some interesting subjects, namely:

God, friends, books, video games, and The OC.

I like all of these things.  If I have the choice between having them in the same place or not, I will always choose them together.  I imagine that’s what heaven will be like.

The Corner Booth is a place on the internet where our social circle can discuss things that interest us, from theology to pop culture to politics.  I’m also expecting some stories about babies throwing up at wildly inappropriate times.

The posts, writing styles, and subject matter will be as varied as the people who write them.  I’m not sure what will happen at the booth, but isn’t that half the fun?  The other half, of course, is the people with whom you’ll sit, talk and laugh.

Since we are friends, we’ll keep everything in good fun.  We have an understanding that we can have different points of view and still love sitting at the same table together.  You’re invited, of course.  You’re welcome to be a contributor, commenter, and hopefully a new friend.

March 4, 2012.  Round Rock, Texas.


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